Closing the gender gap with an honest brand

A brand that gives back: building credibility

Anyone who still thinks diverse, female talent is hard to find needs to catch up: Xena closes the gender gap in the tech industry by connecting top companies to tech talent. For Xena, having a credible brand was essential: you can’t build a viable relationship with both customers and users without it. So we created the strategy, branding, website, content and all deliverables with which Xena connects to talent and companies; resulting in an inclusive and aspirational brand that’s built on ambition and honesty. Together, we build sustainable change in the labor market.

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Development
  • Content
  • Illustration
  • Motion graphics


  • Xena was able to donate 100K+ to organizations that help girls in tech thrive, while it grew its own community with hundreds of members and recruited tech talent for Europe’s leading tech companies.
  • Together we’ve created the Women in Tech awards to be able to celebrate aspirational women in tech in Europe. We extended the Xena brand with an exciting digital 3D award show.


We built a bridge between corporates and talented engineers by making Xena a trusted brand for both parties. They invest in each other through Xena, resulting in system change. We put this ‘building’ at the core of the branding, while all texts are transparent and honest – even if not all goals have been achieved.

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  • Alisha Louwrens
  • Caoimhe Sweeney
  • Megan Gill


  • Instance Studio

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