From helping to empowering: the impact of a compelling brand

From sub-label to impact-driven brand

While Cordaid is about helping people; Cordaid Investment Management enables people to radically change their lives. By doing so, new financial infrastructures are built, making fragile countries more resilient. CIM wanted to step out from under Cordaid’s visual umbrella, so we developed the strategy, branding, UI/UX & development that enabled them to do just that. Now, they can finally claim the impact monetary millions have made to millions of lives. By creating smart user flows, each potential beneficiary only needs a few clicks to find out whether they’re a candidate for a loan – saving CIM heaps of work. With a foolproof back-end, CIM can simply focus on creating impact-driven content that strengthens their thought leadership.

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • UI & UX
  • Copywriting
  • Development


  • Their new branding launched CIM out of the NGO-field. That’s why the website reads like an impact report: you can see exactly where CIM has been and what effects have yielded.
  • The current website handles the majority of applications on its own: in just a few clicks, entrepreneurs find out whether they qualify for a loan or not. No extra work!
  • CIM’s position as a thought leader was established on the website by making their unique method tangible and shareable. Now they can show traditional investors how it’s done, so they can do better.


We developed the strategy through which CIM could become an independent brand. The visual identity we created for CIM is centered about their most important virtue: the social impact of monetary funds. At every touchpoint, users see what sum of money has achieved which results in what area. The content strategy we built on that allows CIM to communicate consistently on how their cases were achieved. Now, and in the future.

“Thanks to Multitude, Cordaid Investment Management has become its own distinct brand. We were able to step away from the charity look-and-feel and compel our own, impact driven messaging.”

Marina Manckhashvili, Communications at Cordaid Investment Management

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  • Hann Verheijen
  • Nina Verduin
  • Marina Manckhashvili



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