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Supermarkets often pay farmers, suppliers and growers far too little – not at Marqt though, where you can rest assured everyone in the food chain earns a fair price. But how do you develop a strategy that lets consumers contribute, simply by shopping differently? We were in charge of this challenge as Marqt’s creative partner for almost ten years. As their creative agency, we evolved the brand as it grew and were responsible for all communication, both online and offline. We created countless campaigns, all in-store communication, customer activations, illustrations, animations, social content and copywriting. Quite a dynamic collaboration, because when Marqt entered the Dutch retail landscape, they were the first accessible chain for fair food. Marqt was able to convince both traditional organic stores and large supermarkets there was a need for good food with a story to support it. We let the Marqt brand evolve from a forerunner into an established player, and were creatively involved when they were incorporated as Ekoplaza Foodmarqt –  partly due to Marqt’s strong brand ethics and value – by wholesaler Udea.

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • UI & UX
  • Motion graphics
  • Illustration
  • Copywriting


  • Marqt was the first supermarket to develop a brand strategy for fair food: in stores, in design and in tone of voice. Many supermarkets have followed their example, setting a new standard in food retail.
  • Since starting our partnership, Marqt expanded from 3 stores in 1 city to 13 stores in 4 cities. After their acquisition by Udea, Marqt products and brand formulas have been rolled out nation-wide.
  • By being an accountable creative partner over many years, we built a future-proof brand that was able to adapt to Marqt’s ambitions: recognizable, straightforward and witty.


Transforming an industry with your company? Only if you let users become part of your brand. Through the creative strategy we developed and executed for Marqt, we created a movement of conscious consumers who are passionate about fair and delicious food. Because we were part of the team for many years, Marqt remained a consistent brand that could grow with its consumers, remained recognizable throughout the years and stood for its brand values. With that we built a loyal fan base that felt connected to Marqt.

“Multitude incorporates the Marqt-mentality in everything they create, and has therefore been our creative partner for years. We’ve benefited greatly from our growing partnership.”

Tim Glandorf, communications manager at Marqt

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  • Antoinette Adriaanse
  • Maartje Huizing


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  • Jurre Rompa

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