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Bits of Freedom, the leading Dutch online privacy watchdog, asked us to renew their most used product: the Privacy Toolbox. It was outdated, and didn’t appeal to the huge group of digitally active Dutch users. We re-designed the Toolbox so everyone, young and old, professional or beginner, can use it to improve their digital safety. That way we transformed it into a fun-to-use, intuitive and informative space where everyone feels empowered to create a safer online experience.

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  • UI & UX
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  • Campaign
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  • While governments & Big Tech aren’t moving fast enough to protect our data, we created a space that literally everyone can use to safe-guard their devices & apps.
  • Whether you’re a teacher, employer, student or grandparent: the Toolbox protects you from phishing, intimidation or worse. It’s the best possible starting point for the Dutch to protect their digital lives.


To speak to a broad spectrum of users, we set-up the Toolbox in the most accessible way possible. With fresh colours, semi-retro illustrations & icons, savvy copy and a broad variety of user flows, each user can browse, wander, or focus. For Bits of Freedom, the Toolbox became a tool in itself to build a movement of digitally resilient citizens.

In collaboration with


  • Evelyn Austin
  • Esther Crabbendam
  • Eef Prins


  • Instance Studio

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