A digital safe space that speeds up gender-equality

Activating, educating and campaigning on gender equality

An inclusive society needs digital spaces to unite, learn, and campaign on urgent issues. WOMEN Inc. asked us to create a digital platform that enables them to do all that – which we did, and more. Since gender equality needs to reach society as a whole to be successful – and not just women – we built an inclusive, accessible and informative platform that’s able to cater to extremely diverse target groups. Through the use of high-contrast colours, powerful typography and intelligent illustrations, WOMEN Inc. became a professional platform where beginners can learn, feminists can campaign, individuals can change their lives, communities can start grassroots movements, PM’s can create better policies and corporates can hire more inclusively.

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Development
  • UI & UX
  • Illustration
  • Motion graphics


  • Campaigning was never easier: we set up the website in such a way that every additional design choice – and every additional digital component – can be rolled out across the main and all sub-sites.
  • We turned WOMEN Inc.’s archive into an informative space that’s inviting, accessible and relevant. User data shows long page visits, indicating a hunger for information.


WOMEN Inc. fights for national gender equality on six themes: work, health, money, education, media and government. All these themes have specific end users and target groups. We enabled WOMEN Inc. to campaign and share knowledge on every theme from just one CMS. By building a smart kit of digital components, WOMEN Inc. creates activations, campaigns, petitions and events from just one system

In collaboration with


  • Emma Lok
  • Madelon Engelen
  • Suzan Steeman
  • Sander Heithuis


  • Instance Studio


  • Robin de Puy

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