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To villagers in rural India or sub-saharan Africa, it doesn’t really matter which brand connects them to solar power – and rightfully so. But to distributors of solar-kits, it’s huge. SPARK set out to be the brand that distributors choose to be a part of. We created the strategy, brand identity, copy, brand assets and website that lets SPARK be that brand. SPARK distributors now have a great story to tell, with bold brand assets that convince locals. Accompanied by a smooth web presence and an intuitive distributor’s platform, SPARK’s growing team of distributors accelerates the clean power movement in areas that need it most, Now, every tomorrow is a bright day.

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  • Branding
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  • SPARK’s branding makes distributors just as enthusiastic about the brand as SPARK itself. That’s why SPARK now claims a leading position in their focus-markets while successfully attracting new investors.
  • While competitors ‘help underserved countries’ in a top-down way, we let SPARK’s users be part of a shared mission. This also became the focus point for photography and content guidelines, allowing SPARK to stay close to their brand core at every consumer touch point.
  • SPARK never has to explain twice what they do and why, because everything in their brand strategy is aimed at attracting distributors to the ways in which SPARK works – saving a lot of time and attracting the right distributors.


We developed the strategy that turned SPARK into what they always aspired to be: a strong, positive brand that focuses on distributors rather than consumers. That allowed SPARK to tap into a new type of distributor that feels represented and empowered by SPARK – resulting in a much smoother sales process. Thanks to our content strategy, SPARK’s communication no longer focuses on its origin story, but is a mature scale-up that pulls instead of pushes. SPARK’s visual identity is fully geared to this: animated graphics set a growing movement in motion and local photographers capture the enthusiasm in the villages. As a result, distributors prefer to associate with SPARK and the solar revolution is growing like never before.

“We very deliberately chose Multitude as our creative partner. In our sector, everything is ‘impact-oriented’: this many lives are affected, this much CO2 is saved, etc. We wanted to be a brand that’s able to create a daily shift for millions of people through existing technology. Since working with Multitude, our mission is finally aligned with our brand.”

Marcel van Heist, co-founder SPARK

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