We are Multitude

As a creative digital agency, we make strong brands for changemakers so they can compete with the old economy.

We are frontrunners in design, interaction and digital resources and we make everything that allows your organization to grow. Together, we’ll make the ethical choice the logical choice.

And we’re good at that. For over 10 years, we’ve created multiple thriving brands. As a creative digital agency, our working method is both strategic and pragmatic. Marketing, strategy, development and design – we do it all in-house. With our multidisciplinary team, we are involved in your entire positioning and growth process. Because that’s how you’ll really make a difference – for good.

Multitude is a certified B Corp. We’ve been driven by positive change since the day we started. We design for a society that puts people and the planet first. Together we throw a stone into the pond, creating waves, signaling to the mainstream. The sooner we switch to sustainable and social solutions, the better.

We turn the ethical choice into the logical choice

Multitude is a certified B Corp. Positive change drives us. We create for a society that puts people and planet first.

This is our approach


  • What makes you different from other agencies?

    We’ve been creating strong brands for changemakers for over ten years. This is how we’ve become experts in not just developing on-point branding, but also the necessary strategic foundation to help you reach your goals. Everything we create grows with you, stands the test of time and moves your target audience.

    Value driven
    Since 2020, we’re a B Corp certified creative agency. However, we’ve been working for more than 10 years with intrinsically motivated organizations that are working on a new economy, based on new values. A new economy doesn’t simply arise, we have to shape it ourselves. That’s why we believe it’s important to use our talent and knowledge about branding solely for ethical organizations. For the organizations that dare to speak out. Because with the right branding you can steal hearts, attract attention and convince any target audience.

    Creative and strategic
    Creativity needs a good strategic foundation to reach its goal. That’s why our Multidisciplinary creative team creates mind-blowing work, with a strategic foundation that hits home. Take a look at our cases to learn more!

    Good partners
    Working together works best when you understand each other. That’s why you want to work with an agency that doesn’t only have a whole bunch of know-how, experience and skills, but also the same values as you. With many of our clients we create long-term partnerships, and we’ve worked together with them for several years. Curious to hear what they say? Take a look at our cases.

  • How long does a partnership last?

    That depends. If we work on a full-service project – from strategy, design, content(marketing) to development – it might take a couple of months. With smaller projects (using one or two services), the partnership can be a couple of weeks. But even after the initial project, we often develop a long-term partnership with our clients. The most important part is that we both get the best results. For further questions, you can contact Rozemarijn.

  • What do you cost?

    Every project we do is tailor made for our clients. We take a good look at the questions and challenges you have, while looking at existing and possibly new solutions to get the best endresult within your planning and budget. Curious about an indication? Contact Rozemarijn. 

  • I would like to work at Multitude. Where can I find your job openings?

    Good to hear! We’re always on the lookout for new talent. You can find our career page here. Do you have any questions about our job openings? Just shoot us a message!

  • How do I contact you?

    You can find our contact informations at the bottom of every page in the footer, here you can find them again:

    Ridderspoorweg 115
    1032 LL Amsterdam

    +31(0)20 370 85 32

    For specific questions about collaborations you can also send Rozemarijn an email.

  • What services do you offer?

    We focus on five areas.

    Through workshops and research, we define together who you are, what you do, why you matter, who your audience is and how you can control what they think of you. We summarize this research in a strategy report, which we use as a guideline for all strategic choices regarding design, the website, content and campaigns.

    Together with us you will find a form that fits seamlessly with your strategy. We then implement these everywhere: from visual identity to animations, from websites to campaigns. We give your brand a progressive face that fits your mission and that appeals to your target groups.

    Content, copy and campaigns
    Together we ensure that your brand story is translated into unequaled copy, videos and campaigns. If this foundation is good, we like to stay involved in content creation to keep your brand up to date. Think of newsletters, social content, blog and FAQs.

    Illustration and animation
    You don’t have to explain complicated (or uncomplicated) stories anymore, with our illustrations and animations we get them clear as crystal. We look for the essence of your message, and create an illustration style that unmistakably fits your brand. That way we get your important message across, both effectively and creatively.

    With an eye on the future, we design flexible and user-friendly components that enable us and you to build and expand with. That means you’re not stuck with rigid templates and you can always add new components to them in the future.

    Still not completely clear? Take a look at an overview of our services here.

Rozemarijn Koopmans

managing director & co-founder

Nick Topp

executive creative director & co-founder

Lisa van Kleef

creative director

Feya Foppen

visual designer

Frank Schaafsma

motion graphic designer

Andrea Vendrik

visual designer

Jasper Terra

visual designer

Jet Braas

head of operations

Lisa Mosmans

head of strategy

Corinne Zwarter

content specialist

David de Zwart


Jente Lammerts


Portret van werknemer Ai dan Wyber
Aidan Wyber

creative coder

Portret foto van werknemer Willemijn Bresjer
Willemijn Bresjer


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