For the changemakers of tomorrow

August 10, 2020

A couple of years ago we decided to exclusively work for organizations and companies that create a positive impact. We decided that we also wanted to help new initiatives with a great idea, but don’t have enough budget for branding and design. With MultiDay we help them to get started. This means we work one Friday a month, with the entire team, pro bono for the changemakers of tomorrow.

What does a Multiday look like?
We start MultiDay with a breakfast together that includes (chocolate)croissant and fresh juice. After talking about our weekend plans, we have a kick-off, brainstorm session or workshop.

What do we work on?
We work together on websites, campaigns, visual identities, content and animation. We usually like to work in ‘sprints’, which means that at the end of the day we can finish a product or prototype. This means every MultiDay is exciting, in a fun way

Do you know a changemaker that could use our help?

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