A creative agency with a B Corp status: what does that mean?

November 19, 2020

Since 2021 we’ve been B Corp certified. This means we’re part of a community that works impact-driven. But what is the added value of this certification for our clients? And why is working with us different than with other agencies?

At Multitude, we’ve been working with impact-driven organizations since the start, organizations that believe we can and must do better. Our B Corp certification is a welcome confirmation that we, as a creative agency, are on the right path, and worthy of the clients we get. Because of the shared values within the B Corp community, we’re capable of building better relations with our clients and are challenged to constantly keep in mind what really matters in being an impactful organization.

How do we use our services and products to create impact for our clients?
We think all of our clients are special. Every project or partnership is another opportunity to speed up the sustainable transition to a better and more beautiful world. We firmly believe that progressive organizations are the key to create that change, and we think (digital) purpose branding has a crucial part in manifesting change and awareness. With our work for changemakers we hope to do our part in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (Social Development Goals).

How that works? Take a look at our cases Marqt and Women Inc. for example.

The ethical choice as the logical choice
Supermarkets often pay farmers, suppliers and growers far too little – not at Marqt though, where you can rest assured everyone in the food chain earns a fair price. But how do you develop a strategy that lets consumers contribute, simply by shopping differently? We were in charge of this challenge as Marqt’s creative partner for almost ten years. As their creative agency, we evolved the brand as it grew and were responsible for all communication, both online and offline. We created countless campaigns, all in-store communication, customer activations, illustrations, animations, social content and copywriting. Quite a dynamic collaboration, because when Marqt entered the Dutch retail landscape, they were the first accessible chain for fair food. Marqt was able to convince both traditional organic stores and large supermarkets there was a need for good food with a story to support it. We let the Marqt brand evolve from a forerunner into an established player, and were creatively involved when they were incorporated as Ekoplaza Foodmarqt –  partly due to Marqt’s strong brand ethics and value – by wholesaler Udea

Activating, educating and campaigning on gender equality 
An inclusive society needs digital spaces to unite, learn, and campaign on urgent issues. WOMEN Inc. asked us to create a digital platform that enables them to do all that – which we did, and more. Since gender equality needs to reach society as a whole to be successful – and not just women – we built an inclusive, accessible and informative platform that’s able to cater to extremely diverse target groups. Through the use of high-contrast colours, powerful typography and intelligent illustrations, WOMEN Inc. became a professional platform where beginners can learn, feminists can campaign, individuals can change their lives, communities can start grassroots movements, PM’s can create better policies and corporates can hire more inclusively. 

The B from Benefit
Being a B Corp means making an impact on themes like people, environment and society. What do we do within our own organization that adds to making an even bigger impact for our mission-driven clients?

  • We actively add to an inclusive society by following workshops, visiting museums, attending lectures and monitoring our work process as well as our communication.
  • We put societal issues on the agenda
  • We make sure important (vulnerable) target audiences and themes are our top priority.
  • We do everything we can to create possibilities for employees that have a distance to the regular labor market.
  • We often work for pro bono initiatives that have a good idea, but not the financial means to pay a creative agency.
  • We pay attention to the mental health of our employees and build space for systemic improvement.
  • We actively work on making our suppliers and operations more sustainable.

How do we see the future?
In the coming years we continue to grow as a creative agency where everyone can feel at home, no matter the difference in background, education, experience, opinions, political stance and interests. A growing team means a growing skillset that we’ll continue to use for organizations that want to make a difference, so we stay active in speeding up the sustainable transition. As a B Corp we strive to get a better score each time we get assessed. We firmly believe you’re never done learning, and there’s always room for improvement. 

Thinking of becoming a B Corp?

A B Corp certificate is the ultimate proof that your organization operates in a transparent, ethical and sustainable way. Are you curious to see if your organization could become certified, or do you have questions about the process? We’d love to help!

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