Energy revolution? Yes, please

Solar panels on your roof, an electric car in the driveway, a smart meter in your closet; the energy transition is happening now. If you ask non-profit organization Wise (World Information Energy Service), we should even speak of an energy revolution. After all, switching to 100% renewable energy worldwide is no easy feat. Wise has been fighting for clean energy since the early seventies. With the iconic Smiling Sun they campaigned against nuclear energy for years. Nowadays, Wise is less against and more in favor of. In favor of the energy revolution, that is.

Nuclear power? No thanks

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This new positioning required a new visual identity. One that honors Wise's rich past, but also looks ahead. Wise wants to enthuse and encourage action, but also provides reliable information. All this had to be given a place.

We dove into the archives and found the logo from the early years of Wise. Strong and clear, like it was made yesterday. We decided to bring it back, albeit with some adjustments. With a winking E and a round point on the I, which refers to the smiling sun. The same smiling sun provided us with a dilemma. As the icon against nuclear energy, it was too strong to let go, but too predominant to keep. A free reference turned out to be the solution. With the suns’ eyes, nose and mouth we made new patterns, reminiscent of sun rays and gusts of wind.

Combined with solid typography and cheerful colors, we created a strong identity. One that puts Wise on the map as a contemporary, activist club.
In addition to the visual identity, we developed a new website that offers plenty of space to inform and activate visitors.