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Getting millennials into the concert hall

TRACKS brings the best classical tracks, theatre and stories together in The Royal Concertgebouw (concert hall) in Amsterdam. The classic visual identity of The Royal Concertgebouw was not the optimal choice to highlight the TRACKS program. That’s why we developed a distinct and colourful style that relates to the target audience, while still connecting to the concert hall as an institute. We brand each TRACKS edition according to its unique combination of visuals and music.

The Royal Concertgebouw wants to attract young and old to enjoy music together.

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And they’re doing a pretty good job, attracting around 700.000 people each year. Still, younger music lovers are less likely to visit the big, established classical concerts. In order to reach this group, TRACKS was created: a series of five audiovisual concerts followed by cocktails.

Each edition of TRACKS consists of two one-hour concerts on Thursday and Friday evenings. The evenings focus on one instrument or story and are enriched by other creative disciplines. Well-known classical or modern pieces are combined with compositions or improvisations by the artists. The music can be accompanied by video mapping, but also photography, visuals or dance. At the end of the evening, a DJ spins some complementary tunes and cocktails enhance the social networking.

To highlight the TRACKS program, the classic visual identity of The Royal Concertgebouw was not the optimal choice. Our challenge, therefore, was to use the existing visual identity’s building blocks to create colourful, striking branding that can vary per TRACKS edition while still being associated with the established Royal Concertgebouw.

In the branding, the ‘T’ in TRACKS forms the visual basis for the program as a sub brand of the concert hall. As a graphic reference, The Royal Concertgebouw’s lyre is used in all TRACKS communication. Other graphic elements and colours vary per edition, relating to the contents of the programme.