Building the biggest Dutch solar movement

Sungevity is Netherlands’ leading solar panel company. Every six minutes, a customer switches to solar power! Since solar panels have been installed on 1 million Dutch roofs, Sungevity is entering a new phase: from start-up to scale-up. Ambitious goals require a new digital positioning, which we were asked to take care of. From strategy to UX, from copywriting to illustrations, from A to Z. Even the roof scan, Sungevity’s showpiece, has been given a new – conversion-driven – look & feel. Everything to make Generation Sun grow as quickly as possible.

A digital home that makes people go solar

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Together with Sungevity, we shaped the greenest mission in the Netherlands: getting the late majority to switch. Since solar panel owners ensure an enormous CO2 reduction while benefiting greatly from it, there are plenty of USP’s to convince many different users with. We mapped user needs & barriers, designed intuitive flows to meet their needs and structured existing and new content.

Now, new and existing customers can reach out to Sungevity for the most up-to-date information about solar panels, the best service and sharp financial efficiency.

Since strategy, design, UX and content remained aligned from start to finish, we developed an all-round project that we’re proud of.

Multitude really has the ability to bring something else to the table. They will always go the extra mile, which ensures me that we’ve found a long-term partner that will help us meet future challenges.

Rutger Frissen director Sales & Marketing B2C at Sungevity