Celebrating 10 years of workplace innovation

With over 160 locations in more than 80 cities (and growing), Spaces is less of a collection of co-working offices, and more of a global co-working movement. We were asked to create a publication to mark their 10th birthday, which was later built upon as a celebratory digital experience.

We came up with the concept, designed, art directed and edited (along with Spaces) the publication. We then oversaw the production of 5000 copies that were shipped to Spaces locations around the globe. The website combines content from the book with new snippets of information, as well as a competition quiz that offers users the chance to win 1 of 10 global Spaces memberships.

Visuals are woven throughout to elevate the content and enhance the overall experience, including 25 separate animations (and even more illustrations). Once the quiz has been completed, the user is given their character outcome, and encouraged to share their result with the world, generating more organic traffic to the site.

Unlike the megalomaniacal reception lobbies of the past, we use every square meter in our buildings. It's much more efficient to share a building - and more fun and interactive, too.

Frederique Keunig co-founder Spaces

Illustrations: Maaike Besseling