Sharing Perspectives Foundation

You don’t solve international issues by yourself. Luckily.

The Sharing Perspectives Foundation is a non-profit NGO that connects students and academics from across the globe digitally, to collaboratively explore and learn about current socio-political issues. Multitude has worked with SPF since 2012, creating campaigns and environments for educational programmes and developing strategies for online visibility. Design solutions follow SPF’s core mission to facilitate international and intercultural dialogue.

Because international issues are best answered from all sides of the story.

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The Sharing Perspectives Foundation is a non-profit NGO dedicated to bringing students and academics from all over the world into contact. To discuss, explore and learn about current socio-political issues that benefit from multiperspectivity. Using virtual exchange, people enrolled in the programmes follow a set weekly schedule of video lectures, online discussion groups and interactive assignments. The highly digital nature of the programme enables intercultural participation and creates opportunities for direct exchange of local and personal perspectives and experiences.

SPF’s core mission is to facilitate international, intercultural dialogue and include different perspectives in approaches to current global crises. In order to make the platform open to the targeted international community, the home page prominently features an intuitive language switch, presenting both Arabic and English menu items. As the website can be read from both left to right and right to left, the layout has been centred to support either style. The entire website has been optimised to function on all screen sizes, as well as basic and advanced computer systems. The visual identity creates a stimulating and professional environment that supports virtual, intercultural learning.