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Rebuilding your life in a new country: where do you start?

Like many other places in the world, the Netherlands is looking at a challenging task: tens of thousands status holders need to find a place in society. That means participating, economically and socially, and making sure that everyone can start picking up their lives as soon as possible. This integration demands effort from status holders and the government, but the rest of society can also chip in. To make this process more accessible, Renée Frissen founded OpenEmbassy: the online helpdesk for newcomers. Multitude developed the visual identity for the platform.

OpenEmbassy connects newcomers and Dutch people, questions and answers

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Building a life in a new country is complicated. The path towards integration is different for everyone and takes a lot of research; research that is often much more accessible to native Dutch people. That’s where OpenEmbassy comes in.

OpenEmbassy supports status holders in the process of starting their lives in the Netherlands. In the OpenEmbassy network they can ask practical questions about living, working and studying. Participating volunteers help to answer these questions whenever they have the time.

OpenEmbassy focuses on the pragmatic and tailored support of status holders, so that everyone can successfully find their place in society. We translated this into a design that reflects that approach. A clear visual identity and the use of communication technologies that correspond with the needs of different target groups optimise the goals of the organisation.

By working with Multitude from the start, we turned OpenEmbassy into a highly user-friendly environment. We hardly have to intervene in the way people find and help each other. The public domain can highly benefit from this way of working.

Renée Frissen founder OpenEmbassy