35.000 on average. Is that per year or month?

MoneyWays is the largest Dutch debt prevention programme for young adults. On the one hand, MoneyWays has to appeal to councils and schools, and on the other, young people need to feel enthusiastic to work with the programme as well. We developed a brand new style, created a new website and all accompanying educational material that serves both target groups.

Young people and money: they don’t always go well together.

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Learning to deal with money responsibly at a young age prevents bigger problems at a later stage in life. Fortunately we have MoneyWays: the Dutch financial education programme developed by Nibud (National Institute for Financial Counselling) & Diversion (agency for social change).

MoneyWays trains young adults to become peer educators within the programme and teach in the hundreds of involved schools in the Netherlands. In order to get discussions going in the classroom, the peer educators exemplify their own experiences with money. They help break down taboos around debt and financial problems in an approachable way.

More than 1000 classrooms have been provided with the MoneyWays lessons, but visually, the programme wasn’t communicating its success. Multitude was responsible for the entire rebranding that made MoneyWays accessible to young students, while maintaining a professional appeal for partner organisations.

An important goal within this project was to create a visually powerful and user-friendly website, that keeps current participants involved and simultaneously informs and attracts new parties. Councils, schools, teachers and students can now easily stay up-to-date and access current educational materials – even after the peer educators have left the classroom.

The success of MoneyWays can be largely attributed to the use of peer educators: by using examples from their own lives and sharing them from an equal point of view, their message comes across. We emphasized the importance of these stories and experiences and translated this into a design that centres on illustration, photography and quotes.