Made by 020

The online platform for skills-focused students

Made by 020 is the first extracurricular program for ambitious MBO students in Amsterdam. Participants work on social challenges in Amsterdam, and learn to network and develop their talents. We further developed the branding and designed an online platform for all students, teachers and companies participating in the program. During the program we develop recruitment & activation campaigns, while we aso give design thinking & ideation workshops to participants.

To stand out in a dynamic labor market, you need to be flexible and have the right skills. You don't just learn those at school.

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The Netherlands is struggling with a growing gap between theoretically and practically educated people. Students in colleges and universities have the possibility to participate in prestigious programs and student associations, but these opportunities are often lacking for MBO students. However, MBO students must also be able to adapt to a rapidly changing labor market.

MBO students deserve to have the same opportunities as HBO and WO students. Made by 020 is the first network in Amsterdam that focuses solely on MBO students and companies. Within Made by 020, students can develop themselves and their network, and learn from, among others, CEOs, politicians and successfully graduated MBO alumni.

There’s a clear consistency in all of Multitude designs. Because they actively think along with us, we get really valuable advice in the process. And thanks to their creativity, the program becomes more visual. Our added value has become even more clear to students, companies and the municipality of Amsterdam.

Maisha van Pinxteren project manager Made by 020