Kiezen voor Werk

Making women financially independent

In the Netherlands, half of the female population is not financially independent. Time for change! Kiezen voor Werk (Choose Work) is a national programme that focuses on the financial emancipation of women. Kiezen voor Werk provides study materials and tools that help women find their way onto the job market. We developed the (online) educational materials for the programme as well as the website, that provides access to the whole programme for free.

Surely women in the Netherlands are fully emancipated by now, right? Not exactly.

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Girls and women are doing great in schools and universities. They’re allowed to vote, travel, work and marry whomever they want to. Still, almost half of the female population in the Netherlands is not financially independent. And that is problematic, because women who cannot provide for themselves are more vulnerable and have a higher risk of living in poverty.

In many cases, cultural norms and beliefs still unconsciously influence women’s decisions when it comes to their careers. Only a quarter of the women in the Netherlands work fulltime and only 2,6% of girls thinks they will work fulltime when they grow up. Time for change.

That’s why Diversion, agency for social change, developed Kiezen voor Werk (Choose Work): a free programme for women’s organisations to help women to become aware of their opportunities on the job market. The programme teaches women valuable skills, from conversational techniques to financial planning, in order for them to achieve their ambitions and stand on their own two feet.
We designed a website that provides organisations with all the necessary tools and materials for the programme, so they can be accessed any place, any time.

Kiezen voor Werk has been developed by Diversion, in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, Nibud (National Institute for Financial Counselling) and Instituut GAK (investment fund for social security and employment).