House of Skills

Which skills do our future jobs require?

The way we work, the kind of jobs we do and the skills they require: job markets are always evolving. To make sure that supply keeps meeting demand, both employers and employees need to keep developing and defining themselves too. It’s this connection that House of Skills focuses on, between employers, trade associations, educational institutions and employees in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. Instead of diplomas, House of Skills looks at the skillset that (potential) employees have and helps employers define the skillset their field requires. Now and in the future.

Better healthcare, smaller risks

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Enzyre’s success is based upon the unique biochip. By using it to test their blood, patients can prevent crisis situations, and share the data with their medical professional.

We created a brand identity in which the chip plays a central part. The linework that characterises the chip is reflected in the logo. When zooming in on the logo, detailed line structures and mirrored shapes become visible. By using subtle gradients, the lines become balanced and light. We used this visual language for icons, the backgrounds in presentations, printed matter and explainer videos.

The other visual elements in Enzyre's brand identity are closely linked to Enzyre's practice, too. The main color yellow, for example, refers to the light that is used to analyze the blood samples. We also selected photos in which symmetry and accuracy play a central role.

With this new brand identity, Enzyre becomes a recognisable player for investors, new employees and peers within the sector.