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The way we use our energy resources has never been this important

Let’s make energy a conversation piece! hello energy developed a tool for companies to drastically improve their energy usage and share their statistics with their visitors. That’s how, in the lobby of the Citizen M, you can discover the hotel building’s energy management (and possible room for improvement). We designed a visual identity that makes energy a fun, interactive and appealing topic.

Turn power into an energizing conversation.

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The way we manage our energy resources has never been as important as it is now. Still, most people aren’t keen to spend too much time on the topic. Because energy is boring, and quite frankly, too complicated. Right?

hello energy devised a tool for companies to monitor and manage their energy usage in a simple and effective way. By designing a clear and illustrative interface, the information can be shown to visitors on screens throughout a building. By making the information comprehensible for the end users of a building, energy is changed into an interesting topic.

Now, hotel visitors can see how much solar energy is used in the hotel or how many electric cars are supplied with power generated by the company. Business owners can show how they are doing in terms of energy usage in a playful way, while also being able to spot some room for improvement.

Met Multitude hebben we een erg goede samenwerking. Een mooie combinatie van goed luisteren, kritisch waar nodig en zeer flexibel. Er is een mooie visuele identiteit ontwikkeld die de B2B energiemarkt een frisse wind geeft.

Benno Schwarz mede-oprichter hello energy