Defining the future of cancer research

Genova is not just any research institute. By using prize-winning fintech software for cancer research, Genova is working hard on creating a radically different perspective for cancer patients. We worked on the creative strategy, visual identity & copywriting for this biomedical changemaker, including extensive application of the branding through the Genova office interiors, event, print and digital.

Disruptive technology with social impact

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Genova’s ambitions are large, and technically complex. To communicate with a larger audience as effectively as possible, we created a clear visual identity, targeted copy and brand-supporting deliverables.

The visual identity is based on the DNA helix and data flows, the building blocks of Genova's method. The data streams are reflected throughout the visual identity, which ensures strong brand recognition and maximum visual impact. They form the basis for explainer animations, and also for printed matter, iconography, signage and other deliverables.

For an organisation with bold and complex offerings, copy is a particularly important part of the brand. We developed short, punchy, activating headlines to grab attention and introduce the brand, as well as condensing vast information into shorter, easier to understand explanations.