The world’s first ethical, modular smartphone

Fairphone is proof that technology and sustainability are a great match. Multitude designed Fairphone’s website and e-commerce platform that supports both the brand’s technical and ethical story.

Because fair trade should be inherent to a well-made phone.

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Generally, sustainability is not prioritised in smartphone production. Fairphone, however, shows that there are alternatives, by not only looking at the result, but also paying attention to the process. Because a fair supply chain is just as important as a well-made phone. At Multitude, we understand how important it is to get the balance just right.

Within the existing visual identity of the brand, we designed a website that gives equal weight to the technical and the ethical story of the product. Each text on fair trade is combined with an image of the technical product, and vice versa. This way, Fairphone’s message is always two-fold and interweaved in all communication. Human & technical. Sustainable & commercial. Fair & phone.

We love working with Multitude on projects big and small and have a lot of confidence in their team. Their flexibility and swift communication is also a major plus.

Joe Mier Fairphone