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CJP makes cultural programming relevant to young adults

With almost one million members, CJP is the biggest Dutch cultural organisation for people under 30. Together with CJP, we create eye-catching campaigns that make the cultural offering in the Netherlands appealing to a young audience.

CJP makes cultural programming appealing to a young audience. We design the campaigns that make the programmes come to life.

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Each year, hundreds of thousands of students automatically receive their CJP pass without having to lift a finger. While this could make cultural activities feel like mandatory school excursions, CJP knows exactly how to turn students into cultural enthusiasts. Together with CJP, we developed programmes such as DECODED and De Culturele Coalitie (The Cultural Coalition).

Young cultural enthusiasts aren’t always tempted by the idea of the standard museum visit. That’s where DECODED comes in. DECODED unravels a new dimension of the cultural landscape, by offering CJP members access to museums after opening hours, free previews and exclusive behind the scenes visits to the theatre. We made the ‘unravelling’ the visual basis for the branding and created animations, visuals, posters and all other deliverables for the programme.

Earlier, we also worked on De Culturele Coalitie: a special, temporary coalition between CJP and other Dutch cultural organisations in anticipation of the national elections of 2016. For two months, people were able to visit special events addressing current social issues: the refugee crisis, the filter bubble and the power of the millennial. During De Culturele Coalitie, everyone up to 30 years old could join CJP for free and broaden their political horizon. We designed the entire branding for the programme, the events and all the social channels.

We are incredibly pleased with the campaign style that Multitude designed for ‘De Culturele Coalitie’ (The Cultural Coalition). We immediately hit it off, which is not only nice, but also special for a first-time collaboration.

Suzan Damen (former) head of media and marketing CJP