Controlling your climate without damaging ours

Carnot are heating and cooling specialists. Their energy efficient, customised heat pumps and refrigeration installations are environmentally conscious and benefit their clients financially, making a strong case for sustainability. Multitude designed their visual identity and website, featuring a reactive gradient that puts the power in your hands.

Meet the modern day pioneers of engineering.

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Carnot is named after ‘the father of thermodynamics’, Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot, so it was only right to start here. The logo switches out the lowercase ’n’ with a curve inspired by the Carnot cycle, which has been proudly applied to the front of the Carnot office at several feet tall.

We created a range of ‘heat map’ inspired gradients for use across brand materials, which provided variety in application. Business cards cropped into larger gradients, giving each member of the Carnot team a number of unique designs. Letterheads and envelopes reversed out footer information from a blue gradient. Even the logo itself has a gradient version which has been applied to a fleet of vans.

The digital experience is clean, succinct and intelligent, much like Carnot’s offering. Interactions bring items to life through colour to indicate functionality and long-form copy is activated by ‘read more’ buttons, initially presenting brief overviews for time-short users.