Amsterdam Museum

A digital exhibition for and by the people of Amsterdam

How do you unite a city when everyone is in lockdown? The Amsterdam Museum asked us to create a digital exhibition where the people of Amsterdam could submit their corona experiences and stories in image, word, audio and video. To be able to recruit these stories successfully, we created an open call website that was essential for the success of the platform. In the meantime, we worked on a visual identity for the exhibition. We created an intuitive UX between the various works & ‘digital rooms’ and we laid a strong digital basis for the various works and entries. The exhibition attracted 50,000 unique visitors and is still growing. All entries become part of the digital collection of the Amsterdam Museum. In this way they are part of the collective memory that we record together and preserve for the future.

50,000 unique visitors for Corona in de City

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All entries are collected and reviewed by a diverse team of curators, artists and makers, who then preserve a selection within the digital exhibition. Everyone can make a contribution: from healthcare workers to students receiving home education, from artists to entrepreneurs, from women in the suburbs to the mayor of Amsterdam, who also submitted an entry. With this digital exhibition, we created a unique collection of intangible heritage almost in real time, which is created dynamically and participatively and still continues to grow.

Picture credits

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From top to bottom, from left to right:
Annet de Graaf - The passage
Kim Marquardt - Introductie
Rolf Dekens - Still uit Amsterdam tijdens de lockdown
Ruben Hanssen - Adembenemende stilte (foto uit serie)
Marthe de Win - Walk.around.the.block
Daniëlle van Ark - Bills
Luciano de Boterman - Black Lives Matter protest op de Dam op 1 juni 2020