Big data, clean solutions

Big data - one of modern day's magic words. But what does it really do? Well, it helps us retrieve a better understanding of climate change. Asset Resolution uses climate data for financial analysis. This allows NGOs and research institutes to take action, which brings us one step closer to a cleaner environment.

Clear, accurate, precise data is key to the success of the brand, and so we made that the primary focus of the visual identity.

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The logotype indicates accuracy, with connecting points cut away and characters squared off to give the feeling of many pieces fitting together to form a whole. This visual cue was applied elsewhere through the identity, within the icon and graph styling. The marque sees four of the logotype’s A characters fitting together, forming a solid, unique shape. Used alongside the logotype and as a standalone asset (as the menu button in the website).

Colour choices are informed by screen capabilities, favouring clean, bright tones, that contrast powerfully with a deep grey and a crisp white. New Blue is the brand’s primary accent colour and runs throughout the materials. ‘Data trees’ were created as illustrative elements used to add depth to designs, reinforcing the forever expanding number of assets.