We make the ethical choice the logical choice

We use digital branding to grow your mission-driven organization. Our way of working makes forerunners recognizable and approachable, which allows your organisation to grow into a brand with leading impact. In this way you'll achieve your goals faster, which leads to a greater impact on a social and sustainable level. Together we create a society with a new story. Told from a different ideal: greener, fairer and cleaner.

Strategies for a new normal

A strong brand doesn't emerge from nothing: it grows from a strong foundation. To build that foundation, we at Multitude work according to the Brand the Change method. This enables us to identify at an early stage where your distinctive character lies – now and in the future. Through workshops and research, we define together who you are, what you do, why you matter, who your audience is and how you can control what they think of you. We summarize this research in a strategy report, which we use as a guideline for all strategic choices regarding design, the website, content and campaigns.

Design that drives progress

More and more organizations are realizing that they want to add value to society. But how do you show that? Together with us you will find a form that fits seamlessly with your strategy. We then implement these everywhere: from visual identity to animations, from websites to campaigns. We give your brand a progressive face that fits your mission and that appeals to your target groups. After all, changing the status quo only works if you show that you understand the challenges of the future.

Content, copy & marketing that gets people moving

To reach your target groups and get them moving, you need sharp content. With a good story you steal hearts, you attract attention and you convince your target group. Together we ensure that your brand story is translated into sharp copy, videos and campaigns. If this foundation is good, we like to stay involved in content creation to keep your brand loading. Think of newsletters, social content, blogs and FAQs. In this way, the new insights become a logical part of the existing strategy, which we can monitor together. We ensure that we produce targeted content based on growth objectives and reaching specific target groups on certain topics.

Future-proof development that grows with you

Technical limitations have no meaning with us. We create websites, apps and platforms that give you as much freedom as possible. With an eye to the future, we design flexible and user-friendly components that enable us and you to build and expand with. That means you're not stuck with rigid templates and you can always add new components to them in the future. This way your site, app or platform grows sustainably with you, and you continue to develop it without always needing us.

With our multidisciplinary team, we build sustainable & ethical brands every day. We know better than anyone that you need patience to make a difference. That's why all products and services we provide are suitable to grow with your ambitions.

Do you want to work with us? We would like to be your creative partner.

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